3 x AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO Lotion for Muscle, Shoulder, Back Pain Relief - 46ml

3 x AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO Lotion for Muscle, Shoulder, Back Pain Relief - 46ml

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You are buying 3 x 46 ml Kobayashi Ammeltz Yoko Yoko Analgesic for fast pain relief of muscular stiffness, muscular pain, muscular fatigue, lower back pain, sprains and bruises. Comes with rubber sponge tip. This is the less smell formula made in Japan.

AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO, non-sticky liquid formula is easy to apply, provides quick penetration and fast relieve to muscle pain and stiff shoulders. 

It can also be used for lower back pain, joint pain, bruises and sprains.

Product Features

Easy to apply
The liquid thoroughly infiltrate from the rubber cap, easy to apply and handle. Compactly packed in lightweight container, ideal to carry around in pocket or bag. Just tighten the cap, to avoid leakage

Applicable for every part of your skin
AMMELTZ differs from plaster, no need to bother the inconvenience of peeling off the plaster. It applies to every part of your skin including hairy part, joints and perspiration area etc.

Penetrate into the affected parts, long-lasting effect
Special formula, it thoroughly infiltrates into the affected part via skin, relieves your shoulder stiffness and muscular aches effectively and long lasting.

Comfortable and refreshing, harmless to skin
AMMELTZ is balmy, refreshing and will not irritate to skin. Differs from plaster, the liquid keeps skin breathable and will not irritate skin. Its clean liquid has disinfecting and germ killing effect, fit in with good hygiene.

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