500ml ROSKEN Dry Skin Repair Cream for dry skin

500ml ROSKEN Dry Skin Repair Cream for dry skin

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You are buying 1x 500ml ROSKEN Skin Repair Cream for Dry Skin

Specially formulated for use on dry and damaged skin.

Clinically proven to:
* Significantly increase moisture levels from first application
* Double skin moisture level in just 4days
* Helps skin retain its moisture from first application.

The dermatological formulation of humectants and occlusive emolients:
* Assist in the rapid relief and long lasting protection of dry and damaged skin
* Attracts water into the skin and instantly increases moisture reverse
* Enhances the skin's flexibility, softness and smoothness
* Forms a protective barrier preventing further moisture loss
* Enhances the skin's ability to repair itself.

Enriched with Olive Extract, which contains natural antioxidants helping to regenerate skin tissue and regulate the natural moisturising system of the skin.

Contains Dimethicone, which softens the skin by filling in tiny gaps between skin cells.
It then forms a protective layer to lock in essential moisture.


Massage into skin morning and night after showering or whenever skin feels dry.

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