5g Fucithalmic viscous eye drops for mild eye infections

5g Fucithalmic viscous eye drops for mild eye infections

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You are buying 1x 5g Fucithalmic Viscous Eye Drops to treat mild eye infections

Fucithalmic eye drops contain the active ingredient fusidic acid, which an antibiotic medicine used to treat eye infections caused by bacteria. Fucithalmic eye drops cure the infection and provide relief from the associated symptoms. Fucithalmic is available online through a Dokteronline.com partner pharmacy.

This antibiotic medicine is used to treat bacterial infections of the eye (bacterial conjunctivitis). Bacterial conjunctivitis is characterised by the following symptoms:

  • Red eye;
  • Irritated or itchy eye;
  • Puss-like discharge from the eye, causing the eyelids to stick shut in the morning.

Bacterial conjunctivitis usually affects the membrane that covers the white of the eyes and lining of the eyelids. Fucithalmic eye drops kill the bacteria, thereby reducing the discomfort.


Fucithalmic eye drops come in a tube rather than a bottle. The tube contains a thick gel that becomes more liquid once it is in your eye. Open the tube, tilt your head backwards and gently pull the lower lid of your eye out to form a pocket. Release one drop in the affected eye. Do not touch the tip of the tube to anything, including the surface of your eye. Wash your hands before and after using the eye drops. Fucithalmic expires one month after opening. This medicine is also available in unit dose containers for single use. Do not stop treatment early if your eye feels or looks better – treatment should not be stopped until 48 hours after your eye looks normal. Stopping early increases the chance that the infection will come back. Consult your doctor if your symptoms have not improved after several days. You should not wear any type of contact lenses while you are having treatment with these eye drops. Fucithalmic contains components that may damage contact lenses.

The recommended dose in adults and children is one drop in the infected eye, two to four times a day.

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