ATOPICLAIR Lotion for maintenance treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis 120

ATOPICLAIR Lotion for maintenance treatment of dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis 120

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You are buying 1 x 120ml Atopiclair Non-Steroidal Lotion formulated for maintenance care of dermatological diseases and itching.

Atopiclair Lotion is a lighter formula and is best used during remission periods to keep your kid's skin calm and protected from future outbreaks.

Atopiclair Lotion may be applied all over the body and in combination with other creams.

Helps to manage and relieve the itching, burning and pain experienced with various types of dermatoses, especially atopic and allergic contact dermatitis.
Atopiclair can be used to soothe the skin during flare-ups as well as during remission periods to keep eczema under control.

Unlike products that solely focus on relieving symptoms, Atopiclair breaks the itch-scratch cycle through a 3-pronged approach that calms, repairs and protects the skin.

It is especially effective for children under the age of two and sufficiently powerful for adults.

Atopiclair can be used as long-term maintenance therapy for mild to moderate eczema without side effects.

Product Features
* Non-steroidal cream
* Symptomatic treatment of atopic dermatitis
* Clinically proven
* Supports healthy skin barrier function
* Hydrates the skin
* Fragrance free
* Hypoallergenic

Atopiclair is safe for use on infants above the age of six months, children and adults.

It's clinically proven to be effective for mild to moderate cases of atopic dermatitis (eczema), especially for children under the age of two.


Apply Atopiclair to the affected skin area 3 times daily and massage gently into the skin.

The area around your kid's eyes can be sensitive.

Apart from this, Atopiclair can be used without restriction on any other part of the body.

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