ESSENTIALE FORTE-N 300mg to repair damaged liver cells - 4x 50s = 200 capsules

ESSENTIALE FORTE-N 300mg to repair damaged liver cells - 4x 50s = 200 capsules

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You are buying 4 x 50s ESSENTIALE FORTE-N 300mg to  repair damaged liver cells

Essentialeᆴ Forte N contains 300 mg of essential phospholipids (EPLs), derived from soya beans.  It is indicated as as nutritional support in the management of damaged liver (due to chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver & intoxification of hepatotoxic substances).

A liver cell that has lost some of the phospholipids that make up its cell membrane is said to be damaged.

Damaged cells may lose some of their vital functions.

A damaged liver cell can be repaired if it can quickly replace the phospholipids its cell membrane has lost.


What are phospholipids?

Phospholipids are the building blocks of the liver cell membrane.

They are a class of lipids (fats) that serve an extremely important function in our body.

The cell membrane is made up of two-layer of phospholipids as its basic framework.

It protects the important elements inside the cell from the outside environment and controls what goes in and out of the cell.

When the cell membrane is damaged, the function of the cell is weakened. Severe cell membrane damage may lead to cell death.


Essentiale contains 300 mg of essential phospholipids (EPLs) that work by replacing and regenerating the phospholipids in our liver cell membranes which are damaged by unhealthy lifestyle of eating fatty foods and drinking too much alcohol or by intake of too much medication or by infection from certain viruses.



Recommended Dosage

Take 2 capsules orally 3 times a day.

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