Foot Heel Patch for 2-day intensive heel softening and cracked heels-4 patches

Foot Heel Patch for 2-day intensive heel softening and cracked heels-4 patches

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You are buying 1 x pack of 4 natural hydrogel patches to soften cracked and rough heels during a 2-day course

Korean patches for softening and peeling of the skin of feet and heels. 
Intensive and comfortable 2-day skin care program for your feet.
Specially designed to soften and peel the rough skin of your feet and heels.
Makes your heels soft and beautiful again.

Day 1: Patch for removing coarse skin.
This patch contains urea, lactic acid and salicylic acid, which soften the skin by removing the rough skin of feet and heels.

Day 2: Patch for smoothing the skin.This patch contains natural oils (olive oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, evening primrose oil), which have a soothing effect on the skin of the feet.


Instructions for Day 1:Clean and dry the heels thoroughly.

Open the package, take the white pair of patches.

Remove the transparent protective film.

Stick the patches on the heel and use the fixing mesh to ensure that the patches will not slip.

Remove the patches and grids after 8 hours of use.

It is recommended to use overnight for continuous effect of the active ingredientsUse the appropriate scraper to completely remove dead skin.

Apply a moisturizer to your feet for lubrication.

Instructions for Day 2:This time, affix the green pair of patches.
Follow the same instructions as for Day 1.

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