HIRUSCAR for kids visibly reduces scars and marks on delicate children skin-10g

HIRUSCAR for kids visibly reduces scars and marks on delicate children skin-10g

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You are buying 1 x 10g Hiruscar Scar Gel for children skin

Hiruscar® Kids is a Swiss-made topical scar gel that is specially formulated for children’s delicate skin.

It has five powerful active ingredients that can effectively reduce visibility of children’s scars and dark marks:

* MPS: Unique ingredient which helps promote wound healing process.

* Allium Cepa from Germany is 34 times more concentrated than any other sources (*HPLC test was implemented)

* Aloe Vera: is well known for its healing properties. It helps reduce inflammation from scalds and burns.

* Allantoin helps your kids' skin promotes wound healing process by generally improving cell regeneration and helping to removes dead cells. It also improve moisturizing effects.

* Oat meal Extract: has anti irritant and skin soothing properties and also protects skin inflammation, allergy and irritation.

Hiruscar Kids has been tested to be safe and gentle on skin, non-allergenic and able to make the scar look less noticeable and smoother.

Hiruscar Kids can be easily and quickly absorbed, making it safe for use on young children as it minimizes the risk of oral ingestion.It is fact acting, easy to spread, non-greasy and with pleasant smell.


For best result, apply 2-3 times a day, in the morning and before bedtime.

Use regularly after shower, for continuous and more effective treatment of scars.

Always wash hands before and after use.

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