LOCERYL Anti-fungal nail treatment kit

LOCERYL Anti-fungal nail treatment kit

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You are buying 1x 2.5ml LOCERYL Nail Laquer for treatment of severe nail fungus

LOCERYL contains the active ingredient amorolfine.

It is used to treat fungal infections of the nails.

LOCERYL belongs to a family of medicines called anti-fungal drugs.

These medicines work by killing a wide variety of fungi that can cause nail infections.

How to use LOCERYL

LOCERYL is intended for external use only. LOCERYL should not be swallowed.

Carefully follow the steps below before using LOCERYL:

• Place everything you need for the LOCERYL treatment within easy reach:

• LOCERYL nail lacquer.

• nail file (supplied).

• cleaning pad (supplied).

• reusable spatula (supplied).

• Before painting with LOCERYL nail lacquer, file down the infected areas of the nail (particularly the nail surfaces) as thoroughly as possible using the nail file.


• Nail files used on an infected nail must not be used on healthy nails.

• Clean the surface of the infected nail with a cleaning pad.

• Dip one of the reusable spatulas into the lacquer. Do not wipe it on the neck of the bottle.

How often to apply LOCERYL

• Paint LOCERYL once or twice weekly on the infected fingernails or toenails

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