MIACARE Acne Patches to treat acne pimples - 12s x day-use + 12s x night-use

MIACARE Acne Patches to treat acne pimples - 12s x day-use + 12s x night-use

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You are buying 1 box x 12 MiaCare Acne Patches for Day-use + 1 box x 12 Patches for Night-use

MiaCare acne patch is a clear and ultra thin patch that fits right above your pimple.
It absorbs acne pus which helps acne wound to heal faster.

The patch also acts as a protective layer that prevent the acne wound from infection and provides an ideal environment for acne healing.

* Absorbs pus for lightning-quick healing, while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. 

* It is also ultra-thin and highly invisible, so you can easily wear this under your makeup

* Easy to use, high absorption and fits on acne perfectly.


* Cleanse the acne area and your hands, and then dry them well
* Remove half of the acne patch release paper
* Attach the patch to acne, and remove the left of release paper
* Gently press the patch for 3-5 seconds for better adhesion and invisibility
* Attach the acne patch before applying makeup.

The acne patch becomes white in colour after absorbing the pus.

Replace with a new patch when it becomes white in colour or after using more than 12 hours.

Keep using the acne patches until it is completely dry and healed.

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