Moringa Leaf Powder for detox 100% Organic - 185g

Moringa Leaf Powder for detox 100% Organic - 185g

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You are buying 1x 185g 100% Organic Moringa Leaf Powder by Love Earth

Help Boost Immune & Metabolism System, Detoxify, Body Sculpting, Anti-Aging, Eliminate Bad Breath After Eating Garlic/ Durian, Sober Up, Hemorrhoids, Relief Constipation.

What Is Moringa 辣木?

Moringa originate from India and it is well know as the ‘Miracle Tree’ 奇迹之树 to the local. Over the global there in 14 varieties of Moringa in total and 2 of the most consumed varieties of Moringa are the Traditional Indian Moringaceae 印度辣木 and African Moringa 非洲辣木 which is formally produced from Kenya 肯尼亚 or Ethiopia 埃塞.

It is a nutrient-containing functional food where with an average of 5 gram per day can be fed to the body’s daily nutritional needs. Therefore, with all the nutrition such as ZincIron, Potassium andCalcium it us suitable for people who are in a diet and it provide an adequate nutritional needs to our body without damaging the body due to dieting.

Suitable To Consumer

  • Lack of Vitamin A, E, B, Calcium & Iron 
  • Hypotension, Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Constipation
  • Long-term Computer User 


  • Boost Immune & Metabolism System 促进免疫力和代谢能力
  • Detoxify 排毒
  • Body Sculptin   塑身
  • Anti-Aging 抗老化 
  • Maintain & Reduce Diabetes Level糖尿病 
  • Eliminate Bad Breath After Eating Garlic/ Durian 消除口臭 
  • Sober Up 解酒 
  • Hemorrhoids 治疗痔疮
  • Relief Constipation 缓解便秘


  • Add in Moringa Leaf Powder & Honey into a Milk 加入牛奶

  • Mixed with 1 Tps of Honey & consumed it orally 调入蜂蜜直接口服

  • Use as an cooking ingredient in hot cooking, baking and so on 做为烹饪材料

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