MULTI-GYN Femi Wash - a soap-free, mild vaginal foam cleanser - 100ml

MULTI-GYN Femi Wash - a soap-free, mild vaginal foam cleanser - 100ml

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You are buying 1x 100ml Multi-Gyn Femi Wash for a mild, soap-free and caring intimate hygiene

* Natural and non-irritating

* Protects and optimizes the vaginal and skin flora

* Offers very mild and effictive cleansing

* Soap-free, no perfume, preservative-free

* Concentrated

The efficacy of Multi-Gyn Femi Wash

The intimate parts of women consist of the labiae that cover the opening of the urethra and the vagina.

In popular speech this whole area is often called the vagina.

The tissues of the intimate parts consist of skin and mucous tissue.

Because mucous tissue does not have a horny layer (stratum corneum), the intimate area is quite vulnerable for harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungus.

The high acidity of the vagina is therefore an important natural protection, because most harmful micro-organisms do not grow in an acid environment.

It is very important not to disturb but maintain this acid environment.

Lactic acid produced by Lactobacilli in the vagina is responsible for this acidity.

Frequent washing with normal soap, shampoo, body wash etc. is a detrimental hygienic method.

These soaps are alkaline and disturb the acidity of the vaginal environment.

As a result the harmful bacteria that grow well in an alkaline environment get a chance to flourish and replace the useful Lactobacilli.

Infection of the bladder as well as vaginal infections might be the consequence.

These soaps often contain aggressive surfactants and allergenic substances such as preservatives and perfume.

Good and safe hygiene is extremely important for a woman.


Multi-Gyn FemiWash is a soap-free, highly practical product with natural skin conditioning components that protect and keep the tissues healthy.

The foaming effect is produced by the special cap of the dispensing bottle.

As a firm foam (mousse) the product is put on the hand and easily spread onto the desired area.

Where normal washing products are mixed with water and then applied, FemiWash is directly applied to the area as a mousse.

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