Regro 5% Minoxidil solution extra strength to promote hair regrowth - 80ml

Regro 5% Minoxidil solution extra strength to promote hair regrowth - 80ml

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You are buying 1 x bottle x 80ml REGRO to stimulate hair regrowth

Regro contains 5% minoxidil.

Minoxidil was the first hair-loss treatment to be approved by the FDA and is now an over-the-counter product available for men and women.

The strongest solution for men is a 5 percent solution, while a 2 percent solution is made for women.

It is used to stimulate hair growth. Unlike Finasteride, Minoxidil (Regaine), is available as a lotion, liquid or foam, can be used by both men and women and does not require a prescription.

The mechanism of action of Minoxidil is unknown. However it is thought to work by widening the blood vessels around the hair follicles, causing them to increase in size, stimulating and prolonging hair growth. 

Minoxidil is applied directly to the scalp twice a day and works by causing hair follicles to grow, which counteracts the shrinking of follicles that occurs in pattern baldness.


Apply 7 sprays twice a day, morning and evening to the areas of baldness or hair loss.

Do not exceed two doses per day.

Massage the scalp gently with your fingers after each spray.

Wash your hands thoroughly after each use. 

REGRO should be applied on completely dry hair & scalp.

Use only on healthy or intact skin.

Do not wash hair or wet the hair at least 4 hours after application.

Use continuously for at least 4 or more months to see the effectiveness.

Onset & degree of hair growth stimulation may vary among individuals.

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