VERRUMAL Solution for effective removal of warts & corns

VERRUMAL Solution for effective removal of warts & corns

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You are buying 1 x 13ml VERRUMAL Solution used to remove warts and corns

The solution contains two active ingredients:

  • fluorouracil, which slows down the growth of warts, and
  • salicylic acid, a medicine that softens the epidermis.

Verrumal is used to remove warts. 

Warts are caused by viruses in the skin.

The infected cells cause skin growths, little bumps shaped like a cauliflower.

Warts are seen most commonly on the hands and feet, but can also appear on other parts of the body.

Verrumal is an effective and fast-acting remedy for warts.

The liquid penetrates deep into the affected skin and removes it over a period of time.

If successful, the new skin that grows underneath will be healthy.

In most cases, warts take up to six weeks to disappear.


Verrumal cutaneous liquid should be applied to warts only.

Do not apply to normal healthy areas of skin.

To protect the healthy skin, put petroleum gel (Vaseline) or another greasy ointment on the skin around each wart.

Allow the liquid to dry for five minutes before putting on clothes.

Verrumal forms a thin layer over the wart, which should be removed every time you apply a new layer.

Do not use this medicine on large areas of the skin: the area treated should not exceed 25 square cm (5 cm x 5 cm of skin).

Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the liquid and avoid contact with the eyes, mouth and nose.

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